Trevor Dickson

Senior Associate

Architect AIBC

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Whether it’s a house, hospital, or a sports arena, every building should be created with love and care.

With close to 15 years’ experience centered on the Multifamily Residential sector, I lead multidisciplinary teams to bring complex, large-scale projects to life. As an architect, I take the service aspect of this craft very seriously, always keeping the client’s end goal and expectations in mind each step of the way. As a collaborator, I create a focused, empowering space for stakeholders to share their ideas, so we can reach our objective together with maximum positive impact.


My Sectors: Commercial Mixed-Use, Industrial, Senior Living, Workplace

My Services: Architecture, Lifescape, Master Planning & Urban Design, Planning, Design & Conformance (PDC)


We Asked, Trevor Dickson Answered:


What inspires you?

‟Inspiration comes from all around us. From nature to a good conversation, I draw from as many places as I can. Once that idea strikes, you just have to be ready to write it down!”


What makes a great design?

‟A great design is something that meets the client’s objectives. Ultimately as architects we’re providing a service: the happier the client is, the more successful the project.”