Ryan Koslowski



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Embracing collaboration as the heartbeat of innovation, where spaces and moments are created with a sympathy of voices, weaving together diverse perspectives to shape meaningful experiences for all.

I’m a Senior Project Architect with a wealth of experience in project management, architecture, and exhibit design from esteemed firms in Ottawa and New York City. Over my 25-year career, I’ve had the privilege of working on diverse projects for both private and public clients across various sectors including academic, cultural, historic, institutional, and residential.


My role involves leading multi-disciplinary teams through every stage of a project’s lifecycle, including functional programming, conceptual development, design, construction administration, commissioning, occupancy, and close-out.
I am passionate about designing buildings and spaces and dedicated to ensuring that each project I undertake promotes health, well-being, and positive human experiences.


One of my strengths is fostering strong relationships with clients, consultants, and contractors, which has been instrumental in consistently delivering projects on schedule and within budget.


My Sectors: Arts & Culture, Education & Research

My Services: Architecture, Master Planning & Urban Design, Planning, Design & Compliance


We asked, Ryan Koslowski answered:


What makes a great design? 

“Great design transcends mere aesthetics; it’s about creating timeless spaces, enriching lives through meaningful experiences and moments. It’s about fostering personal growth, both mentally and physically, while igniting a sense of wonder.


At its core, great design revolves around the human experience. It’s about understanding how architecture can inspire, support, and excite individuals, shaping their interactions and memories.


Moreover, exceptional design extends beyond human-centric considerations; it harmoniously integrates with and respects our surroundings, acknowledging our responsibility to the environment.”


How would you describe your leadership style?

“My leadership style hinges on attentive listening and empowering individuals. I strive to cultivate an environment where everyone – colleagues, consultants, and clients alike – feels valued and empowered to share their design ideas or concerns. This inclusive approach ensures that each person can play a meaningful role in the successful delivery of a project.”