Michael Paquette

Senior Associate

MAATO, Dip Arch Tech

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A great design is constructible, sustainable, easily maintainable, and has longevity in the real world.

As an architectural technologist with over three decades of experience leading large-scale, complex public-sector projects, I lead multidisciplinary teams through the intricacies of each building process. I combine my knowledge of project management and constructability practices with a collaborative spirit to help transform Kasian’s great ideas into complete and functional buildings, and I do it do it with schedule and budget as high priorities that align with the client’s project implementation strategy. I thrive on resolving conflict, or better yet avoiding it in the first place through clear and honest communication, careful planning, and timely execution. As a mentor, I help emerging architects, technologists, and designers realize their potential—and I never stop learning.


My Sectors: Commercial Mixed-Use, Education & Research, Government Administration, Healthcare, Industrial, Military, Public Safety & Justice, Senior Living, Transportation, Utilities, Workplace

My Services: Architecture, Master Planning & Urban Design, Planning, Design & Conformance (PDC)


We Asked, Michael Paquette Answered:


What drew you to the Contract Administrator role?

“I filled an unexpected vacancy for specification writing and contract administration during my first year in the business, and I just made my way down that road. I enjoy negotiating changes, improving systems, and solving those on-the-ground problems. I’ve always been a jeans-and-workboots guy—I’m even answering this question from a construction site trailer, and I love it here.”


What does success mean to you?

“Success is happiness in what you do. I enjoy my work, and I balance that with family, volunteering, giving back to my community, and all the other things that bring me joy. I’m happy when a project goes well, and when we’ve collaborated on a successful resolution to an unexpected challenge. Success is when everyone walks away happy. Life’s too short not to be happy!”