Mehb Jessa

Chief Financial Officer


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To achieve your goal, you have to respect and enjoy the process.

As Kasian’s CFO, I deliver strategic operational and financial oversight for the firm. I collaborate with the Executive Team and Principals to help the firm achieve its performance, efficiency and financial goals. My work helps support this brilliant team of architects and designers to keep exceeding expectations. I love being a CPA, and I am the former BC Chair of Certified Management Accountants. I’m also passionate about my community and improving people’s lives: I’m on the Board of Focus Canada, and I love seeing the direct impact of what we do to lift people from poverty and help them unleash their potential. I support many other humanitarian causes that strengthen the entire community, as well.


We asked, Mehb Jessa answered:


What drew you to Kasian?

“The fascinating work at the executive level collaborating with the principals and the whole team. As I started getting deeper into the role, it is inspiring to engage with the work that we do across all sectors, especially the Healthcare sector — it’s complex, and you need expertise and input from so many different disciplines. When the result makes people go, ‘Wow’, that’s a great feeling.”


What inspires you?

“Success, and this means something different to everyone! When I apply myself to something and work really hard at it and get it done, that’s success to me. Whether it’s work or running a marathon, it’s about reaching that goal. Sometimes when I train for a race, the training is more fun than the race itself — you set smaller goals to reach that larger goal. It’s the same thing in business: whether it’s business development and working with particular clients, working on a large project or reaching internal KPIs, it’s all a process to get there — and I focus on enjoying the process.”