Joanne Sparkes

Senior Associate

BFA, MArch, Architect AAA

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Great design is rooted in passion.

Approaching architecture from an arts background, my experience covers a number of complex and large-scale projects across many sectors. I am adept at managing tight budgets, quick turnaround times, and complex municipal approvals. I thrive on collaboration, fueled by the different perspectives and unique learning opportunities they provide. My more recent notable projects include 9th Avenue Parkade & Platform Innovation Centre, the University of Calgary High Density Library, and Olds College Animal Health Education Centre. Walking a mile in my clients’ shoes is key to my process: where shall we go today?


My Sectors: Arts & Culture, Commercial Mixed-Use, Education & Research, Healthcare, Industrial, Transportation & Workplace.

My Services: Architecture, Lifescape, Master Planning & Urban Design.


We Asked, Joanne Answered:


What drew you to architecture?

“I love beautiful things. I have a background in fine arts, and already had a strong leaning towards science and mathematics. Those all come together in architecture. It’s wonderful to create something that also functions.”


What inspires you?

“People, and their interests. The variety of the projects we work on is also a source of inspiration. Be it type or scale, no two are the same. It’s also inspiring to get to know the industries that people work in.  In designing veterinary schools, mental health centres, and healthcare facilities for incarcerated populations, I see the challenges faced daily and find ways to make that easier.”