Dana Graf

Senior Associate - Interior Design


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A great design improves the human condition.

I focus on the needs of the client and end user to ensure each final design solution is both innovative and functional. I have deep experience working on large and multi-disciplinary projects, working closely with the design and client teams to ensure everything from base-building components to space fit-outs are seamlessly executed. I bring strong conceptual design, space planning, furnishing, and design development to my projects. We create more than just places to do something: we create places to be.


My Sectors: Commercial Mixed-Use, Government Administration, Industrial, Public Safety & Justice, Transportation & Workplace.

My Services: Facilities Planning, Interior Design, and Master Planning & Urban Design.


We Asked, Dana Graf Answered:


What inspires you?

“I used to carry a pad of sticky notes in my pocket. When I’d see something that made me look twice, I’d make a note or sketch on a sticky note. For example, a leaf would spark a design concept for clothing. I still take that approach: anything can inspire me at any time. It’s about being open to the world, and what things in the world are trying to tell you.”


How would you describe your collaboration style?

“I help create an environment where my teammates have the freedom to say what they need to—that only comes from trust. What we do is solve problems, and we need to be able to be honest with each other to arrive at what is truly the right solution.”