Curtis Gebhart



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I help clients bring the many components of a project to life as a fully-realized building.

Detail-oriented and disciplined, I offer superior project coordination skills—from preparing construction documents and construction administration to the final walkthrough—on a wide range of large-scale projects. I coordinate stakeholders and consultants, including mechanical, electrical and structural engineers, audio visual, security, IT communication, and other specialized project team members. Throughout my career I’ve honed my ability to collaborate with a wide variety of building experts to tackle technical design challenges whenever and wherever they may arise. My more recent notable projects include Enbridge Fifth Avenue Place East Tower, 240FOURTH, and Jamieson Place Conference Centre.


My Sectors: Commercial Mixed-Use, Education & Research & Workplace.

My Services: Facilities Planning & Interior Design.


We Asked, Curtis Gebhart Answered:


What drew you to the technologist role?

“While training as an architect, I fell in love with the technologist discipline and embraced it as a career. I enjoy being involved in large projects from Day One, collecting information and insights. I’m working with the client each step of the way, figuring out what’s going into the building in terms of elements and functionality. I then manage the engineering side as everything moves forward. There are so many components that go into a build, and I coordinate how they all come together.”


What do you like most about working at Kasian?

“The opportunities here are amazing. Each project brings its unique challenges, so you never get stuck in a rut. Nobody ever tries to stop you from taking up those new opportunities—it’s such a supportive environment.”