Angela Steward

Senior Associate

Dip. Arch. Tech.

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Great design is purposeful: form should reflect the functions within.

With over 20 years of architectural experience specializing in healthcare, my practice is focused on achieving the best possible experience for patients and clinicians alike. I lead multidisciplinary teams in collaboration with a diverse set of stakeholders to make sure that each space we create takes an active role in the healing process. I am fluent in a variety of construction delivery methods, including Public-Private Partnerships, Design-Builds, Construction Management, and traditional Design-Bid-Builds—from outpatient facilities and hospital renewals to highly-specialized clinics. I approach every project through clear communication and an eye on improving the well-being of everyone who uses the new space.


My Sectors: Healthcare

My Services: Architecture, Facilities Planning, Interior Design, Master Planning & Urban Design, Planning, Design & Conformance (PDC)


We Asked, Angela Steward Answered:


What drew you to architecture?

‟When I was a child, I loved being able to build something out of nothing, just an idea. I remember trying to recreate my friends’ houses in Lego. Looking back, it seems like the planning and organizing bug bit me pretty early as well.”


How would you describe your leadership style?

‟Leading a project requires keen listening. There are many stakeholders in a healthcare project, with a diverse set of personalities and concerns. I recognize the people who might not feel comfortable speaking, and hold space for them to make their needs heard. In healthcare design, the wide range of insights that surface as you collaborate will guide what you build, so you have to be an active listener. If there is one rule for leadership in this sector, it would be: never assume anything!”