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Tricar has been a driving force behind the continued urbanization of Ontario. They specialize in the conversion of underutilized spaces in proximity to burgeoning urban cores, such as London, Guelph, Stratford and Sarnia. For over five years, we’ve partnered with Tricar in the design of over 10 residential and mixed-use buildings. We provide Tricar with thoughtful designs that align with municipal strategies for densification and activate otherwise forgotten urban spaces. With six projects underway, our five-year partnership is just getting started.



Understanding municipal needs for future growth

Tricar creates luxury accommodation with walkable communities and ample living space, and all with the safety and ease of condominium and apartment living. Turning each project from a conceptual vision into a developed design as efficiently as possible enables them to focus their efforts and resources on producing the best possible product for residents. We ensure that is the case, leaning on our local compliance expertise to expedite the planning process.


Our work in London and Guelph supports the Ontario Places to Grow Act, and we are excited to be a part of shaping the urban fabric for years to come.

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Forming lasting relationships

We rely on relationships to effectively mitigate the balance between stakeholder goals. Our experienced project architects have become figures in the communities of both London and Guelph, connecting with local officials and community members alike. Public support for the projects is a testament to the lasting impact our designs have on positively shaping the urban fabric of the communities they serve.



Connecting our projects to the urban landscape

Our five-year partnership with Tricar has led to the net gain of over 1500 new homes for residents of Guelph and London. The Riverwalk project in London is an example of how a private residential building can serve as a catalyst of public engagement and urban expansion. The ‘Riverwalk’ name was chosen through a public competition and we aimed to continue the public interest and activation throughout. The base of the building boasts three commercial units, providing street level activation and a destination point for the community.

The project on Gordon Street in Guelph also responds to its context by providing residents with a direct connection to surrounding shops and facilities. We provided designs for both projects from the ground up, focusing on the connections the buildings have with the wider community.



Partnering with award winning experts

For several years, Tricar has won Tarion’s Ontario High-Rise Builder of the Year Award. The honour is the result of votes from homeowners, and serves as testimony to the quality of housing that Tricar provides. Our design and master planning services continue to add to the growing list of accolades that the developments receive, and we are proud to be an integral component of the team for years to come.

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