Designing a signature residential development in Maple Ridge, BC


Year Completed

EST. 2022




Maple Ridge, BC


198,000 SF


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Designing a legacy residential development

East of Vancouver is one of the Lower Mainland’s up and coming best kept secrets – the beautiful community of Maple Ridge. On the tip of the Golden Ears Provincial Park, Maple Ridge has some big development aspirations – to rapidly increase housing stock to meet the needs of this growing community.

In the community’s downtown core is ERA, a seven-phased master-planned residential development featuring a village of condos, townhomes, rental apartments, parks and retail spaces. It’s a legacy project for its owners (two business partners who have lived in the community for decades) and is the first of its kind in the area. Phase one features 143 market and 49 rental suites of various sizes with a strong connection to nature, and a relaxed, community-focused lifestyle.

ERA is bringing a focus to central Maple Ridge and aspires to be a catalyst for future development to spark a new era of growth and identity for this community.



Finding the opportunities

A residential development like this is the first of its kind in Maple Ridge. Without a precedent for this area, and because this is the first phase of a much larger vision, the team was faced with both the challenges of the unknown and opportunities to create something that this community has never seen before.

I’m proud to be leading this first of it’s kind, project in central Maple Ridge. We’re bringing much needed residential capacity to this growing community.”

Daniel Hawreluk




Enabling connections through community

The design process was organic. Our client approached the process with fresh enthusiasm and the unique insights being long-time members of the community. Many of the building’s design aspects were created through conversation and design evolution over time – with the freedom to be creative and build upon our ideas.

The intention was to keep the design as ‘wholesome’ as possible. Design choices were centred around community, and inspired by small-town feels, agriculture, and contemporary elements and accents.



Accentuating common spaces

Built around a central courtyard, ERA’s first phase combines warm industrial qualities with earthy farmhouse tones. Roofs are like barns with shingles designed to weather over time and change colour.

Elevator towers and windows are clad in Corten steel (a steel that intentionally rusts) to bring in agriculture elements to the design. The rustic elevator tower separates units by open-air pedestrian bridges, so people can enjoy a beautiful view of the courtyard. Materials were sourced locally as much as possible.

We ensured everyone had outdoor space and included balconies in every unit. There are rooftop gardens on both the north and south building, and the central courtyard is heavily landscaped with both private patios and common green space.

A promenade cuts through the property and serves as the project’s spine. The pathway continues through each phase and features varied experiences, like playgrounds, community clubhouses and cafes – culminating in a large public plaza equipped with a stage for concerts.

This development will greatly enhance the center of Maple Ridge, creating a beautiful new focal point in the community. The first phase of ERA Maple Ridge is the first major step in actualizing the vision of the ownership group. The team at Kasian has helped make the vision a reality and they’re dedication and creativeness is greatly appreciated.”

Nadja Gehriger

Vice President of Swissreal



Setting a community precedent

Phase one of the ERA project sets a precedent for zoning in Maple Ridge and is quickly drawing attention as a signature development in the area. All units in this phase sold out and demand continues to be strong.

The public plaza in a future phase will provide the opportunity to give a public space back to Maple Ridge. Surrounded by shops and amenities, people can gather at ERA with pride in their community, as this legacy project influences Maple Ridge for decades to come.

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