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BC Ministry of Citizens’ Services (MOCS)

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BC Ministry of Citizens’ Services (MOCS)


Victoria, BC


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Supporting flexibility and collaboration

The Provincial Government of British Columbia has been revamping their workplaces following the release of their Leading Workplace Strategies (LWS) guidelines. This initiative sets out to provide ministry workplaces that are inclusive and offer flexible working environments.

The Ministry of Citizen Services asked us to create a new office environment that responded to this mandate for the Ministry of Energy Mines and Petroleum Resources.



Opening up a closed off space

Our workplace team was challenged with revitalizing the existing space. Built during the 1990s, the work environment reflected a period that valued privacy, individual workstations, and a lack of attention to informal employee congregation. The workspaces were closed in, with little exposure to natural light. Overall, the workplace no longer reflected the values of the province, a common challenge we have successfully addressed several times in previous workplace modernizations.


We had an open and productive dialogue with the entire project team from beginning to end. The result is a space that responds to their unique needs and provides a sense of ownership.”

Sally Mills

Principal - Interior Design



Bringing the mountain landscape in

Through an in-depth engagement process with the project managers (BC Ministry of Citizen Services), the users (Ministry of Energy Mines and Petroleum Resources), and the provincial workplace planners, we developed a design concept that reflected the needs, passions, and working styles of this diverse stakeholder group. The concept is based on the natural landscape of British Columbia with an emphasis on the colours, lines, textures, and shapes of the West Coast landscape, in particular, the ‘Rainbow Range’.



Ensuring everyone feels welcome

The design works to support the established drivers of a bright, open, and collaborative space balanced with offices, quiet rooms, and private rooms for focused work. Wayfinding was an important aspect of the project. We utilized strong graphic patterns and accent installations to provide office ‘landmarks’ to orient newcomers. This was especially important as unassigned desks needed to be made available for mobile workers that are occasionally in the office. By incorporating custom patterns, graphics, and colours, along with a modern, neutral pallet, we grounded the design and provided the flexibility they were looking for.


This floor works very well for the program and holds more staff than the previous design. This floor is the first to be modernized using the Leading Workplace Strategies design guidelines and is a positive example to the occupants on the other floors of what can be done.”

Mark Donaldson

Development Manager, Ministry of Citizen’s Services, Real Property Division, Workplace Development Services



Continuing our commitment to collaboration

We transformed the client’s workplace and gave them the opportunity to reimagine their collective working style and processes. Our completed fourth-floor design serves as a guide and typology for several other floors within the building. We continue to strengthen our collaborative relationship with the BC Ministry of Citizen Services as we work towards materializing their LWS.

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