A Historic Revival: The West Memorial Building Rehabilitation Project


West Memorial Building


The West Memorial Building Rehabilitation project has been featured in the Business Elite Canada Magazine.


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The article begins:

In the heart of Canada’s Capital Region, the West Memorial Building stands as a symbol of Canadian service and bravery in the Second World War. A venerable structure with a rich heritage, the West Memorial Building is currently the focal point of a comprehensive rehabilitation project that aims to marry its historical significance with contemporary sustainability practices.


Originally constructed in 1950s, the building has never before undergone the major repairs or renovations necessary for the safe functioning of a federal building of its vintage. Under the care of Public Services and Procurement Canada the West Memorial Building is in the midst of a transformation that aims to preserve its historic significance while embracing modern sustainability practices, including accessibility. The rehabilitation project goes beyond restoring the West Memorial Building to its former glory, by embracing modern technologies and sustainable practices to enhance the building’s functionality while minimizing its environmental impact.


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