Inspired thinkers

Inspired thinking is the cornerstone of our culture, it's who we are and what we do. Collaborative, community minded and naturally curious, we recognize that design excellence creates meaningful connections between people and places.

To better understand your needs, we align ourselves with your aspirations and those of the community. We are successful because who we are is all about better understanding those we serve. Since 1983 we have grown organically into a global practice that believes in the power of inspired thinking.

Continually looking for new ways of doing things + always prepared to inject fresh thinking. We challenge the status quo.
Honesty and transparency are our pillars. We are accountable to our clients and each other. No detail is too small.
As a successful organization, we give back to society.
We are experts in our field; harnessing our expertise and experience to satisfy your design aspirations.

We understand design excellence and how to get it right.

Carol Jones

Professionals with big ideas

Better design and superior solutions begin with deeper understanding of the world around us and the needs of our clients. Our culture of education, research and intense curiosity keeps us at the forefront of what makes great places.

We believe that great design nurtures the human condition through the balance and harmony of form, function and context. Through our inclusive design process we bring these critical elements together to create design excellence and achieve best value.


Through design we can make right what is wrong in our communities.

Michael McDonald


By listening and engaging with you we understand the drivers behind your project. Our signature visioning workshop will challenge and engage you. Through collaboration we create truly inspired design solutions.

By building a common language we work together to explore design options and create a concept that responds to your challenges and aspirations.

Engaging with industry experts allows us to cross-possinate ideas, share insights and collaborate on approaches.
Visioning workshops help us understand your project goals.
Gaming workshops create a platform for engagement.
We facilitate real-time engagement during design charettes.

We see no limits... only what's next.

Judy MacDougall

Community engagers

We have experienced firsthand how public engagement can inspire others to take the actions necessary to bring about lasting change in our communities.

In addition to our participation and sponsorship of many community organizations and initiatives, across Canada, we host 'Healthy Cities' forums that bring business and community leaders together to build a better understanding of what makes a great community.

Annual We Care event, hosted by Contemporary Office Interiors, where we create crafts with kids from local after-school programs.
Actively involved in the annual Ride for Heart campaign - our people inspire others to give back.
Working with children is one of the most impactful things we do.
Volunteering and raising awareness in Calgary for violence against woman at the annual YW Walk a Mile

Calgary's first laneway activation project. What flourished was an amazing sense of community and camaraderie.

Will Craig
Senior Associate