Meghan Larway


Architect, AAA, MRAIC, MArch, LEED Green Associate

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Great architecture is wholly embedded within its context.

To me, it means reaching out and engaging with the land, the existing culture and conditions that interact with it and ultimately has the potential to enhance the lives of those that it touches. As a Senior Project Architect and Associate with over 12 years of design experience, I approach each project with an openness in my heart and mind and a dedication to creating a transformative environment.


As a leader with a collaborative spirit, I believe that no candle has ever dimmed by lighting another—I pride myself in helping others share their best ideas. I welcome opportunities to engage in projects that are unique, complex, and require a responsive design process. I see architectural challenges not as problems requiring a solution, but as narratives that are already underway and will continue long into the future: I’m here to help add new chapters. My notable projects include the YW Hub and South Bank mixed-use development in Calgary, Red Crow Community College in the Kainai First Nation, Area 27 Motorsports Park near Kelowna, and the Lusail mixed-use development in Qatar.


My Sectors: Arts & Culture, Commercial Mixed Use, Education and Research, Government Administration & Industrial.

My Services: Architecture, Facilities Planning, Lifescape, Master Planning & Urban Design, Planning, Design & Conformance (PDC).


We asked, Meghan Larway answered:


What makes a great design?

“Great design not just about form or site conditions or program requirements. It’s responsive to the context in which it’s created, and it takes into account the full breadth of the human condition. In design, what you create has the potential to impact someone’s life and is also impacted by those who come into contact with it, so you can only really see its beauty once people are interacting with it. I think part of creating a great design requires an optimistic view of the world and the ambitious desire to leave it better than you found it.”


How would you describe your leadership style?

“Leadership to me is not static – some opportunities require you to lead by example, and others by supporting your team members to lead in their own right. Sometimes you lead from the front, and sometimes you lead from the back, and a successful leader knows when to do each. There’s nothing more wonderful in the world of architecture and design like seeing the built project in its final form with the team that helped you do it. You’re only as strong as the team you’re standing next to.”