Liam Woofter



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A great design is a culmination of aesthetics and technology, and I lead my team to achieve that.

With 15 years of experience executing a wide range of creative and critically engaging projects, I see each one as an opportunity to explore placemaking, materiality, and constructability. I bring a meticulous eye for detail as well as a steady hand in leadership to every collaborative design challenge, delivering effective and inspiring solutions My recent notable projects include the South Bank mixed-use development and the District at Beltline in Calgary.


My Sectors: Commercial Mixed-Use, Government Administration, Industrial, Military, Public Safety & Justice, Senior Living & Utilities.

My Services: ArchitectureLifescape, Master Planning & Urban Design, Planning, Design & Conformance (PDC).


We Asked, Liam Woofter Answered:


What inspires you?

“I get most of my inspiration through firsthand experience. I enjoy walking through city neighborhoods, whether familiar or new, to see and learn how people engage with their surroundings. I explore with an eye for what differentiates a place, and how I can adapt the new experience into my design work.”


How would you describe your leadership style?

“I like to lead with a steady hand. To be a good leader, you also have to be an investigator, testing various solutions to a design problem that will result in the strongest resolution. In order to lead a project, you must be able to distill the essence of the design, as well as the challenges it faces. Once the goal is clear, then my team and I can get down to the business of achieving it.”