JP Thornton


BA (Hons), Dip. Arch., RIBA, MRAIC, EVN.SP

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To build a city, start big and work down into the tiny details.

I’m an inclusive leader with over three decades of Canadian and European urban design and architectural experience, and my global portfolio highlights my ability to create attractive communities through the built environment.


Spearheading our mixed-use sector, I guide the creation of a compelling and dynamic people-friendly design that has contributed to the evolution of great cities and communities. I share my experience on several professional panels, such as the City of Mississauga Urban Design Advisory Panel. I focus on issues around urban intensification, effective mixed-use communities and all forms of the built environment. I have led the development of several million square feet of mixed-use development, all with the vision of sculpting communities into engaging and uplifting neighbourhoods.


My Sectors: Commercial Mixed-Use, and Senior Living

My Services: Architecture


We asked, JP answered:


What is your design philosophy?

“Always keep an eye on the big picture. Buildings are used by more people than they occupy. For example, an office building welcomes employees and guests, but its awnings can offer shelter to passersby on a rainy day. Buildings frame spaces, and also serve as landmarks. It’s all about the context — not all buildings need to shout, ‘Look at me!'”


How did you get into architecture?

“I tried to join the Canadian Navy — I wanted to become a pilot — but they said they were full. After I finished my postgrad in the UK, I worked in event design for trade shows, including a stint at the Tower of London, making things look old. I designed furniture for the Jewel House, home of the British Crown Jewels, where I added modern elements and brought those old walls into modern regulatory compliance. I then went to work with a large marketing firm and got inspired to go back into architecture.”