Greg Wooster

Senior Associate


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My job is to get to know you, understand your style and find a solution that is all about you.

I bring over 30 years of interior design experience focused on large-scale, complex projects for public organizations across Canada. With my extensive industry knowledge, dedication to sustainability, and passion for human connection, I strive to create functional yet visually impactful design throughout my work.


I value the art of listening and conversation and draw from the perspectives of others to implement meaningful solutions that benefit both my clients and their users. I’m a quick thinker who thrives in a vibrant, dynamic environment, as it stimulates the progressive thinking that allows me to tap into new ideas. As an early adopter of one of our industry’s larger environmental initiatives, I believe our commitment to the environment is an integral consideration in the design process.


Travel inspires my work, and I love to observe how different countries and cultures take different approaches to uncover unique solutions. I’m particularly proud of my Cree heritage and think we can learn important lessons from their regard for community and by embracing those around us.


My Sectors: Workplace, Healthcare, Education & Research, Government Admin, Public Safety/Justice

My Services: Interior Design, Facilities Planning


We Asked, Greg Wooster Answered:


What do you love the most about the work that you do?

“Building connections with the many people I encounter and the feeling of fulfillment from getting results that are meaningful to them. I really love the process of getting to know people, appreciating their diversity, and understanding their challenges to help discover the best solution.”


What would we be surprised to learn about you?

“On the surface, I think the biggest thing is my First Nations background. I’m status First Nations – Cree on my mother’s side – and it’s a source of pride for me. I’m proud of that heritage and my connection to the culture. It is where part of my professional approach originates from: an appreciation for being present and living in the moment.”