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Every project is a chapter of your life, so make it a great one!

With over 15 years of experience in institutional, public, commercial, and residential projects in Canada and around the world, I lead multidisciplinary teams for complex, large-scale builds. Well-versed in the various aspects of architecture, as a contract administrator I work on buildings right where they’re brought into the world—this is the part of the process I love the most. I’m fluent in many project procurement methodologies, as well as the Ontario Building Code and National Building Code of Canada. My leadership skills empower me to guide a project through all of its phases, and I’m always raising the bar in terms of communication, coordination, and problem-solving.


My Sectors: Education & Research, Government Administration, Healthcare & Transportation.

My Services: Architecture, Planning, Design & Conformance (PDC).


We Asked, Chad Hindi Answered:


What drew you to architecture?

“I was born in Damascus, which is the oldest city in the world. Historic architecture is everywhere there, from citadels to workaday buildings that have existed for thousands of years. When I was in high school, my older brother’s friends were architecture students. That sparked the interest in me: linking the fascination with these amazing buildings with how I could build new ones. Architecture quickly became my first choice of career.”


How would you describe your leadership style?

“I like to share to my knowledge and expertise. I mentor junior and intermediate staff, just like an older generation passed their insights and inspiration to me. I take full ownership of each project, no matter when I’m brought in.”