The case for empathy based design in healthcare

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We are presenting at the 2021 Healthcare Design Expo & Conference

We are proud to announce Ian Sinclair, Kasian’s VP Healthcare, is presenting his paper: ‘The Case for Empathy Based Design,’ at an interactive roundtable discussion at the 2021 Healthcare Design (HCD) Expo and Conference in Cleveland Ohio.


Drawing on over 30 years of healthcare experience, Ian brings a unique owner’s perspective to each project. His experience as a hospital capital planning and operations executive, has led him to deliver some of Canada’s most creative hospital projects. Ian has sparked a new dialogue that focuses on an empathy-based design approach to co-create new breakthroughs in planning and design. He begins his collaborative approach not by asking staff what they need, instead by asking patients and families, how they feel. In doing so, design breakthroughs are revealed.



Session Overview

Imagine how the design process might change if we started by asking patients and families to share their feelings and emotions experienced during their care journey. Unpacking the emotional context that defines a patient’s experience in each space is crucial and regularly overlooked.


Ian’s research suggests that by capturing patients’ stories and emotional context, we can discover new design solutions that either reinforce positive emotions, or counteract negative emotions evoked in the spaces that patients and families ultimately occupy. His presentation shows by embracing empathy as a design driver, and ‘putting ourselves in the shoes of patients’, critical touch points of emotion and feelings are revealed, leading to breakthrough design results never before imagined.



Four reasons to attend Ian’s session:

– learn easy to implement, patient-focused research techniques

– challenge traditional approaches to healthcare design

– find out which healthcare facility type is a logical starting point for empathy-based design

– learn how new design drivers that start with unlocking human emotions can lead to breakthrough results.



About the HCD Expo and Conference

The HCD Expo and Conference is the premier healthcare design industry show, with over 4000+ industry professionals attending each year, and more than 100 educational sessions on the latest research, trends and strategies in the industry. Ian has previously presented his paper at the International Academy of Design and Health’s World Congress in Vienna, and the World Design Congress in Montreal, and has been invited to speak on this topic at the Harvard Medical School.


Find out more about the HCD Expo and Conference.

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