BC Hydro Site C Dam

Resident Architectural Contract Administrator (1 Year Contract)

We have an exciting opportunity for a Resident Architectural Contract Administrator on BC Hydro Site C Dam.

  • General: Kasian and WSP are looking for a committed construction administrator to join the Resident Engineering/Architecture Team (RET) at the BC Hydro Site C Dam construction site in Fort St-John, BC. The successful candidate will be a self-motivated construction professional who thrives under pressure, loves working in large teams, and is passionate about all aspects of the construction project from the technical to the contractual, all the way to the execution. will be performing administrative & analytical tasks such as meetings, technical correspondence, and digital reviews for 60-70%± of their week and will be spending the remaining 30-40%± on-site performing field reviews, attending inspections and reviewing physical samples to name a few on-site tasks. The role entails long hours and sustained effort; in exchange, the successful candidate will receive a competitive compensation package commensurate to his/her experience, will have all travel expenses and site lodging paid for, and will become part of a dynamic team of architects and engineers building tomorrow’s clean energy future! The Site C camp is also complete with all the required amenities to make each, and every work stays as pleasant and comfortable as possible (gymnasium facilities, all-you-eat cafeteria, café, on-site bistro, as well as various entertainment options such as TV rooms and pool tables).
  • Duration: the candidate will commit to a one-year contract minimum with the possibility of renewal for the Balance of Plant completion works.
  • Working hours: the candidate will work 10 hours per day and be open to overtime to cover critical path items.
  • Work schedule: the candidate will work 14 days on-site and 7 days off. The candidate will receive a full week off around the Holiday Period as well as two (2) weeks of paid vacation to be taken at a time of his/her/their choosing.
  • Competencies: The RET ARC candidate will be proficient in architecture technology, review of contractual documents, and construction administration, as well as having a working knowledge of civil engineering, structural engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, as well as security and access control technology. He/she/they will perform field reviews independently while taking detailed notes, photographs, and measurements as required. At all times, the successful candidate will put safety first and report any concerns to BC Hydro immediately.

In addition to mastering his/her/their craft, the candidate will come in to work every morning well rested* with a desire to “get things done” and find solutions. The candidate must have strong organizational, communication, collaboration, tracking, and presentation skills. The candidate will need to be an effective problem solver with strong decision-making skills. That said, the candidate will have the courage and humility to admit when he/she/they is/are unable to answer a technical query and won’t hesitate to report back to his/her/their project manager for further assistance.


Further to the above, the successful candidate should demonstrate the following abilities:


  • Interpersonal relationship management (including conflict resolution skills).
  • Excellent ability to communicate effectively and efficiently both verbally and in technical writing. Ambitious and enthusiastic with a positive can-do attitude.
  • Demonstrated initiative.
  • Demonstrated desire for learning and development.
  • A strong self-starter.
  •  The candidate must adhere to Site C’s no-tolerance policies regarding substance & alcohol consumption and bullying. Any violation of those rules will result in immediate termination.


  • Education requirement: At a minimum, the candidate will have a degree in architecture technology and five (5) years of relevant working experience. Alternatively, Kasian/WSP will consider M.Arch. undergraduates with a completed bachelor’s degree in architecture and two (2) years of relevant internship including CA experience on large projects, junior project architects well-versed with the CA phase, or retired architect AIBC. Strong expertise with Microsoft Office applications, specifically SharePoint, Word, Excel and Outlook is a must.


  • Work expectations:
    1. Become sufficiently knowledgeable and familiar with the Kasian scope of work which is comprised of three (3) IFC drawing sets (total of 100 , largest set being 72 sheets), three (3) sets of architectural specifications (148 specification sections in total), as well as 287 previously reviewed submittals and 86 RFIs which will be made available to the successful candidate.
    2. Attend meetings as the various prime contractors and trades progress through construction of Kasian scopes of work.
    3. Review and answer routine questions from the contractor(s) and be able to defer questions and/or relay them back to the design team when deemed necessary.

Please feel free to submit your resume to elena.cowan@kasian.com.

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