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#BreaktheBias: Empowering Women in Design

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We are breaking the bias

Only 17 per cent of professional architects in Canada are Women[1]. As part of our efforts to #breakthebias, we are showcasing some of the exceptional female architects and designers at Kasian and asking about their journeys in the profession.


Every year on International Women’s Day we celebrate the diverse achievements of women in our community: their impacts in society, culture, economics, technology, and politics. International Women’s Day is both an invitation and a call to action to increase discourse and accelerate gender equity for all.


Important issues like pay equality, creating adaptations for family-friendly working hours, increasing experiential career path opportunities, and breaking through unconscious biases are all topics for discussion.


In the design industry, women make up 50 per cent of architecture school graduates[1]. Unfortunately, less than 30 per cent of those graduates actually continue their careers in design and architecture. Only 17 per cent of professional architects in Canada are women[1].


In short, architecture remains a male-dominated profession, but we are working to #breakthebias.


At Kasian, we collectively and collaboratively work to create balance and have those conversations. Our team is made up of 55 per cent women in our offices across Canada, and 51 per cent of our architectural team identify as women, moreover, 44 per cent of our overall leadership are women.


In acknowledgement of International Women’s Day, we’re profiling some of the game-changing designers at our firm throughout the month of March. These women have overcome obstacles, created impactful designs across Canada, and continue to advocate for gender equity.


We’ll discuss their backgrounds, reveal their barriers and challenges, and provide insights for new architects and designers who are entering the field. We are proud to have these strong women on our team. They shape our culture, and make us all better as a collective of designers and place-makers.


Join us as we uncover the issues and experiences that shape our dynamic team of bold, intelligent, and creative designers.


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Join our workplace where you will thrive

As architects, designers, and planners, we champion our people and apply design solutions that improve lives and create a deeper connection between people and place.


We provide all team members with opportunities for professional development and continuous learning, so each can find inspiration for their unique projects. We ensure each member of our team has the tools to achieve their career goals, while also living a healthy and balanced life and giving back to their communities.


If you enjoy collaborating in a vibrant and inspiring workplace and are looking for the next step in your career, we’d love to hear from you. Our careers page has some excellent opportunities across multiple cities and business areas.



[1] Architect at Work, Canada (June, 2021) And the BEAT goes on: Women in Architecture

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