A sanctuary in Inglewood to promote a sense of safety, resiliency, and comfort

YW Hub Facility

The vision for the future of the YWCA of Calgary is to provide a safe, healthy and supportive environment where women in crisis may heal, recover and grow. The new facility will act as the new “Hub” for the YWCA, facilitating all programs for the organization, with strong ties to other, existing facilities. The design for the new “Hub” focuses on creating a sense of sanctuary to promote healthy lifestyles and wellness for all building occupants and visitors to the site. This development endeavors to offer a sense of safety, resiliency, comfort and inclusivity of all users, a connection to the surrounding community of Inglewood and a beacon highlighting the importance of the work that the YWCA engages in with the individuals that they serve. Representing a transformation of the Calgary YWCA’s organization, this “Hub” will allow them achieve and expand their abilities to serve the needs of women and their families and also become a strong, architectural contribution to the urban fabric of the community of Inglewood and Calgary as a whole.

  • Client YW Calgary
  • Location Calgary, AB, Canada
  • Size 120,000 SF
  • Construction Value $60 M
  • Completed Spring 2019

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