A landmark link that moves passengers

A central hub for connectivity

Vancouver International Airport Link Building

With passenger growth on the rise and increased ridership at the airport transit station it was clear that the Airport needed to create a connection to improve way-finding and accessibility between the outside facilities and the international and domestic terminals.

Creating a connection, our 5 storey circular design of the Link Building serves as a central hub for passengers and staff at the Vancouver International Airport. The building not only creates a strong link but also adds operational and customer service space including 37 additional check-in counters, group-check in facilities, expanded baggage facilities, leasable office space and administration space for airport operations.

Our design provides travelers with a serene sanctuary; paying tribute to the west coast, local business, first nations culture.


  • Client Vancouver Airport Authority
  • Location Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
  • Size 200,000 ft2
  • Construction Value $125 M
  • Completed 2009