Improving cooperation and coordination between services

Saskatoon Civic Operations Centre (SCOC)

The greenfield site consists of a Civic Operations Centre with storage capacity for 224 buses, 27 maintenance bays, equipment and parts storage, administration offices, and future expansion capabilities. The site also includes a new snow management facility, a railway berm, and parking for both staff and visitors. It is designed to allow for future compressed natural gas capabilities and future expansion without affecting ongoing operations.

The SCOC exterior responds to the City of Saskatoon’s principles of quality, durability, security, maintainability and accessibility while considering the contextual balance between Saskatoon’s rural and urban environments. The main entrance and administration block facades are of a human scale to emphasize accessibility, exterior views, and access to natural light.

The City has proposed Phase II for the project, which will include a city yard, material handling, a reclamation and recycling facility, impound yard, fire department training facilities, and Saskatoon light and power training facilities. The objective of this phase is to promote cooperation and coordination between services, facilitate the sharing of resources, and improve operational efficiency.

This project was completed two weeks ahead of schedule and on budget. It is expected to deliver value for taxpayer dollars equivalent to $92.3 million over the life cycle of the facility.


  • Client City of Saskatoon
  • Location Saskatoon, SK, Canada
  • Sustainability LEED Certified
  • Size 474,000ft2
  • Construction Value $160M
  • Completed Dec 2016

The Civic Operations Centre is a tremendous step forward for our Transit Operations and for snow and ice management in our city.

Mayor Charlie Clark City of Saskatoon

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