A statement design for Safeway

Building brand at its Vancouver flagship location

Safeway on Robson

When Safeway decided to rebuild its flagship store on Robson Street and Denman Street in Vancouver, British Columbia, the company knew it couldn’t settle for any ordinary design. At the corner of two of the busiest and most recognizable streets in Canada, Safeway wanted to make a statement. The 4,000 square-meter Kasian-designed facility does just that.

While the retail services for the complex needed to be impressive, fitting into and adding to the community that is Vancouver’s West End was an equally important part of Safeway’s project at the 50 year-old location. The store features 22 isles, 13 checkout stands, automatic check-out counters, and includes a Starbucks coffee shop, sushi and sandwich bars, and a pharmacy. Also attached to the facility are a parkade, a liquor store and a credit union, all of which contribute to Safeway’s growing lifestyle approach to the grocery business.


  • Client Canada Safeway Limited
  • Location Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Size 60,000 ft2
  • Construction Value $8 M
  • Completed 2008

The main challenge for us was to make such a visible structure knit into and enhance the fabric of the West End as well as maintain accessibility and the street life that is so vibrant in this section of Vancouver.

Alan Nakaska Kasian Design Lead

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