Re-envisioning work styles with a "menu of spaces"

Regional Headquarters

This Regional Headquarters purchased a new 29-storey LEED Platinum office tower in Burnaby, BC with a mandate to occupy 16 floors. The relocation provided a prime opportunity to adopt a new work environment tailored to fostering collaboration and improving the functional relationships between departments.

Kasian developed the functional program that led to an overall design template featuring a “menu of spaces”. Applied to three distinct, but interlinked spaces — the general office space, the conference floor, and a full cafeteria — the “menu of spaces” varies from small focus rooms, large teaming spaces, and typical offices and workstations. Each option was designed to support an open work environment, encourage formal and informal interactions, and allow users to choose the workspace that best supports their needs. Unique graphics and colour palettes were also introduced to reinforce both a department’s identity and brand. This tailored strategy aligns the new workplace with current and future best practices, providing flexibility and scalability to accommodate emerging needs.

  • Client Confidential
  • Location Burnaby, BC, Canada
  • Size 414,000 SF
  • Construction Value Confidential
  • Completed November 2017
  • Awards 2018 Award of Merit, IDIBC