Consolidating RCMP operations across the Lower Mainland

RCMP Division E Headquarters

Situated on a 14-hectare site in the historic Green Timbers Urban Forest, this state-of-the-art policing facility is home to one of the largest Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Divisional headquarters in Canada. The LEED® Gold landmark complex consolidates office and support spaces for 2,700 RCMP personnel, previously housed in 25 separate locations throughout BC’s Lower Mainland. The facility enhances the RCMP’s ability to provide integrated, intelligence-based policing, and improve overall communication and response times. Along with the architectural expression that complements the historic forest, the interior design was based on the history, tradition, and culture of the RCMP. Located on the same campus, the Forensic Lab reflects the RCMP’s operational strategy of grouping all laboratory functions separately from office and support spaces. The Lab has been designed as a stand-alone structure to meet stringent programmatic guidelines and isolate the specialized functions, including firing ranges and chain-of-custody security requirements.

  • Client Green Timbers Accommodation Partners
  • Location Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
  • Size 820,000 sf & 79,975 sf (Lab)
  • Construction Value $263 M
  • Completed December 2012 & July 2019

It has taken an enormous effort from a very talented, integrated team to bring this project to fruition. We have built an effective partnership with the Government of Canada and look forward to working together for the next 25 years to ensure that this building is properly maintained and kept in optimal condition

Nick Joosten CEO of Green Timbers Accommodation Partners

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