Designing a place that truly shapes a new culture

NorthRiver Midstream

Place shapes behaviour. Behaviour becomes culture. This principal design driver was the backbone for NorthRiver Midstream’s new office, which welcomed three teams under one roof. Guided by their vision to a create a new corporate culture for this young and dynamic team, the design shapes how staff interact with one another and with the space. The open + closed collaboration areas, focus rooms, a vibrant community cafe, and 100% connectivity for untethered work is complemented by the warm and welcoming features of the timber frame beams, polished concrete floors, and open ceilings. The open office space plan supports a truly collaborative environment that gives staff the choice to focus, socialize, or unwind.

  • Client NorthRiver Midstream
  • Location Calgary, AB, Canada
  • Size 42,898 sf
  • Completed July 2019

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