planning for progress with a new kind of market along the silk road

Luoyang Market Redevelopment

To become a focal point for visiting tourists and catalyze the redevelopment of Luoyang master planning was needed. The site plans to tell the story of Luoyang in the context of China’s 13 Dynasties.  We worked with Luoyang Development to design a master plan that bisects the large space into 13 squares, one for each dynasty, and each contain an interactive information panel illustrating and narrating the history of each dynasty.

The Luoyang Shanghai Market is located in an industrial suburb with plans in place to transform into the centerpiece of a new regional town centre. Master planning for this mixed-use site includes high-rise residential, hotels, retail and office uses, as well as a historical museum and a conference centre.


  • Client Luoyang Development Corporation
  • Location Luoyang, Henan, China
  • Size 9,500,000 ft2