Creating presence on the waterfront

A hotel that enhances the Kelowna identity

Kelowna Downtown Hotel

Transforming Kelowna with an iconic, authentic, uniquely “Kelowna” landmark was in the plans for enhancing the identity of the downtown. Looking to create a legacy where people come to experience the vibrancy and beauty of the Okanagan, our proposed design will revitalize and animate the entire precinct to create a lively and cohesive downtown waterfront.

The proposed design is a 24 storey hotel that provides both a connection to the waterfront and offers picturesque views. Our design strives to contribute to Kelowna’s sense of place; increasing the vibrancy and social engagement of residents and visitors. The hotel will mark the final component of the downtown waterfront revitalization following the renewal of the Kelowna Yacht Club and Stuart Park.


  • Client Westcorp
  • Location Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
  • Size 350,000 ft2
  • Construction Value $75 M
  • Completed 2017