Improving the healthcare delivery model with a proactive approach to health

Jim Pattison Outpatient Care + Surgery Centre

At a time when Canadian hospitals are struggling with waiting lists, overburdened staff and rising energy costs the Fraser Health Region decided it was time to relieve growing pressures on the healthcare system. A model was needed to consolidate outpatient medical services in a stand-alone facility.

Working with healthcare professionals and user groups, Kasian designed this pioneering model for patient-centred care to combine outpatient surgery and diagnostic procedures with specialized clinics and community programs inside one building. But more than that our people worked to ensure the LEED Gold design promoted healing, provided comfort in times of distress and provided an efficient and smart workplace for healthcare professionals.


  • Client Fraser Health Authority
  • Location Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
  • Size 180,000 ft2
  • Construction Value $239 M
  • Completed 2011

The Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre will improve access to quality health care for families in Fraser Health. It’s a beautiful facility that has been designed with patients in mind including considerations of the diverse community it serves. The larger exam rooms will accommodate not only the patient but families as well.

Michael de Jong BC Minister of Health

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