Inspired by traditional rooms found in ancient Roman villas

Grand Villa Casino

The Grand Villa Casino is a newly constructed, five-star gaming facility operated by Gateway Casino and Entertainment Ltd (Gateway). A design concept was inspired by traditional rooms found in ancient Roman villas – upper-class, country houses built for the elite. The casino showcases a modern interpretation of these rooms as they apply to the layout of the gaming floor and restaurants, creating a dynamic and escapist atmosphere for guests.

The casino features layered patterns to create rhythm and movement, which emphasizes key features such as the Match restaurant mesh wall, while the organic shapes create natural flow and unity among the various spaces. Contrasting colours, textures, and materials also draw the eye to key focal points and amenities such as the central bar, central staircase, and mezzanine areas. The space also employs bold forms and shapes to create visual balance and to offset the number of slot machines and gaming tables on the floor.

For this new facility inside the Rogers Arena in Edmonton, Gateway wanted to rebrand the Grand Villa concept. Their objective was to create a memorable experience that showcased gaming along with various food and beverage offerings. Given budget and timing constraints, the design solution maximized function and aesthetics to give the client a dynamic and exciting space that has become the premier project in their location portfolio. Rebranding the Grand Villa Casino has created a flagship location for the client, and the elevated design has set a new benchmark for their other gaming facilities across Canada. The casino attracts a wide variety of clientele while remaining a popular downtown destination that Edmonton can proudly boast.

  • Client Gateway Casino and Entertainment Ltd
  • Location Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • Size 60,000F2
  • Construction Value $25 M

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