Optimizing airport transfers by enhancing the movement of passengers and baggage

Expedited Transfer Facility at YVR

To reduce the transfer time between flights by expediting flow of passengers and their bags across the terminal, the expedited transfer facility project was born. The project spans much of the airside face of the terminal providing more than 600 meters of transfer corridors and an additional 9 kilometers of bag lines.

As prime consultant and architect, Kasian has worked to expedite the flow of passengers through the incorporation of a series of moving walkways and corridors wide enough to accommodate small electric passenger carriers.

Working entirely in a three dimensional digital model and using other technology like clash detection and point cloud scanning, detailed designs have been developed to optimize routing through the expanded terminal and baggage backbone.



  • Client Vancouver Airport Authority
  • Location Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
  • Construction Value $200 M
  • Completed 2016