Changing Edmonton's skyline with an eco-friendly highrise


For more than 20 years the city of Edmonton waited for a new high-rise. To bring together commercial, retail, residential and recreation the EPCOR Tower was developed with a sustainable and striking design.

Standing as an iconic building, the developers requested a facility that would set a new standard for excellence and deliver a timeless and adaptable design. The LEED Silver tower features tindal, limestone, and granite walls and floors; custom textured glass and metal panels, a 35 foot high atrium and lobby with second floor open balconies overlooking the main floor water features. Glazing is abundant, lighting is customized and the overall image is warm, inviting, formal, clean, and corporate.


  • Client Qualico Group
  • Location Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Size 731,500 ft2
  • Completed 2011

Skyscrapers have always inspired the public’s imagination, helping to define a city’s significance and identity. A key consideration was the need to create a timeless landmark facility that sets new standards in urban development for the 21st Century.

Christiaan Odinga Kasian Lead Designer / Project Manager

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