Renovation and rebrand

Meeting the growing demand for quality accommodation in Edmonton

DoubleTree by Hilton

40 years of history made the Mayfair a landmark in Edmonton, but the building began to show its age. To rebrand the facility, Kasian worked closely with Hilton to understand how to breathe new life into the aging facility.

Inspired by the surrounding prairie landscape in the land of living skies, our design serves to create a connection between people and place. We wanted to make sure that the amenities and programming fit the needs of travellers today; the reconfiguration of the hotel space reflects those needs. Our design upgraded the entire main floor public space including the lobby, lounge, ball rooms, dining space, meeting rooms, fitness area, pool, and related amenities. The outside envelope was also included in the re-brand.


  • Client Hilton Hotels
  • Location Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Construction Value $31 M
  • Completed 2014

The hotel is now a destination in Edmonton: locals as well as guests love spending time in this warm, inviting facility

Crystal Graham Kasian Design Lead