Projecting a progressive, elegant and timeless image

Bennett Jones LLP

Occupying the top eight (8) floors of a prestigious downtown office tower, the client viewed the decision to renew their lease as an opportunity to modernize their offices to meet their operational and strategic business goals by completely renovating their outdated work environment which had been constructed twenty-five years prior.

An obsolete planning model in which client meeting rooms were dispersed across multiple floors was abandoned in favor of a new model which consolidates all client meeting rooms onto a single reception/conference floor. Varying in size, these meeting rooms were built with retractable walls for maximum flexibility, allowing the creation of large spaces for a variety of purposes as needed. This planning model also addressed the firms request to improve wayfinding.

State of the art technology was seamlessly integrated into the meeting room architecture and furnishings to support the firm’s goal to increase efficiency and productivity by providing access to the necessary tools and technology.

On the reception/conference floor, a strong sense of architecture is developed through the introduction of portals which define areas and provide spatial definition and architectural interest, particularly in the long corridors. The corridor leading to the large boardrooms is developed as a “walk-through” library to display antique leather bound legal texts which introduces an element of nostalgia to the new environment.

The simplified and refined finish palette includes quality materials such as honed Apeninno marble floors, dark wood paneling, and wool carpet tile. Custom metalwork in a matte black finish is utilized as a unifying element, repeated in the grill work on architectural glass doors, cabinet doors, dividing screens, etc. New furnishings were selected and procured for the reception area and all meeting rooms. A sophisticated combination of furniture pieces and a refined layering of upholsteries and draperies in a neutral palette create a welcoming space with a nuanced sense of hospitality akin to that of a boutique hotel lobby. The new aesthetic reflects a progressive, modern, elegant, timeless image while conveying professionalism befitting a reputable law practice and a departure from the visual norm typically associated with the legal industry.

  • Client Bennett Jones LLP
  • Location Calgary, AB, Canada
  • Size 160,000 ft2
  • Completed September 2015

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