When an adaptive workplace offers flexibility and choice


Kasian has developed and maintained a strong rapport with British Columbia Investment Management Group (BCI) since our first project in 2014. In recent years, our future-focused designs have helped BCI navigate the changing nature of their workforce and address the need to remain flexible and adaptable.

Mobile technology and multiple generations in the workplace meant re-thinking the traditional workplace environment and introducing different work settings within the office. A variety of meeting spaces, including small focus rooms and team rooms, support loud interactive work, while dedicated workstations and offices balance the need for quiet heads-down work. Staff lounges, refreshment centres, and open collaboration areas provide collision points for impromptu interaction. By providing multiple locations for different activities, supported by the appropriate technology, the new workplaces enable staff members to choose how and where to perform tasks.

  • Client British Columbia Investment Management Corporation
  • Location Vancouver and Victoria offices
  • Size 80,000 sf (Jutland Road, Victoria) 138,000 sf (Pandora Ave, Victoria) 7,000 sf (Commerce Place, Vancouver)
  • Completed September 2015 (Jutland Road, Victoria) June 2018 (Pandora Ave, Victoria) September 2019 (Commerce Place, Vancouver)

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