A landmark for performance + best in class service

Audi Sales + Service Centre

Building up instead of out was integral to profitability of Audi’s flagship sales centre. Situated in one of Canada’s most expensive markets, Audi wanted to stand out from its competitors – to give them a leg up we designed a 4 storey centre surrounded by a customized racetrack feature, elevators that transport cars from the underground parking to any level in the building and an impressive aluminum exterior.

The service centre situated only 1 block away is a full-service facility designed to complement the design and functionality of the sales centre. Similar in design it has 2 car elevators that can transport vehicles up from the underground parking.

If you want to experience best in class service and design, the sales and service centre offer an experience like no other.


  • Client Dilawri Group
  • Location Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Size 56,000 ft2
  • Construction Value $18.7 M
  • Completed 2014

The design of this facility has been carefully crafted to not only complement the Audi brand, but also Vancouver's reputation as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Ajay Dilawri President of the Dilawri Group of Companies

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