Kasian’s urban development plan for Mosaic City is based on traditional Islamic mosaics. Phased construction of Mosaic City involves low to mid-income housing covering 6 km² and an estimated population of 80,000 people. The project design is based on the traditional Islamic mosaic - the process of inlaying small pieces of colored material to form striking visual patterns - and will be constructed in several key phases.
The new city’s form allows for repetition of building types and economical construction. Kasian’s winning design of Mosaic City pays particular care to promoting sustainable transportation methods, reducing traffic and providing a sense of community, health and quality of life.
Included in the design are bicycle paths on all standard streets, pedestrian and bike only links between downtown and each regional centre and as a 10 km walking path around the perimeter of the development. Mosaic City also features major transit exchange links, a central park, a health and wellness centre, mixed-use residential and commercial areas, a business park, mosques and an education and recreation campus.


Size: 6 km2
Construction Value: $8 Billion