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James Ebbels
Senior Principal
BA, MEDes(Arch), MRAIC
(780) 969-8878
Many projects have shaped Jim into the architect he is today; recalling the pride he felt when he collaborated across 35 countries to deliver the World Headquarters for the United Nations Environment Program in Nairobi Kenya, or the impact that was felt when delivering the Alberta Children’s Hospital to make the lives of our children better – Jim’s experiences are richer and more expansive than he dreamed they would be.

Growing up in a household that appreciated the arts, Jim was surrounded by people who cultivated his fascination of art. He was encouraged to pursue art, so he did – enrolling in the University of Alberta’s art program. This initial interest in art grew into a fascination with architecture and became a consuming curiosity with the personality of cities – even today, Jim is still consumed with the potential of place.

In particular Jim enjoys facilitating the creating of interpretive and public projects; projects that allow him to share innovative design and sure footed functionality with the public. To Jim, architecture is a remarkable entre to a remarkable world – it arms architects with skills and perspective that allows them to step off the road anywhere, in any industry and be valuable.