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Dean Matsumoto
Managing Director, Doha
(974) 3303-6039
No one, including Dean himself, would have guessed that a summer job would spark a lifelong passion for interior design. Studying industrial design in his early years, Dean saw opportunity and fast-tracked his way through the ranks; from junior to intermediate to senior designer, then on to operations director, vice president all the way up to president. Since those presidential days, he has shifted gears again and is now leading interior design for our Doha operations.

Learning the ropes from the ground up, Dean has 35 years of experience and he isn’t close to slowing down. The opportunity to shape companies culture through design and develop bright up-and-comers keeps him at the top of his game.

Although his local experience is vast, Dean has felt the impact working abroad can have. Currently stationed in our Doha office Dean is immersed in the Middle Eastern culture and it’s changed his perspective on life; sparking a sense of adventure, breaking down preconceived boundaries, and showing him just how exciting designing palaces for absolute rulers can be.