September 21, 2017

YW Walk a Mile Event Filled with Elegance, Charm and Style

For Immediate Release

Our Calgary team got a great calf workout on September 19th, when they strapped on a pair of heels and walked down Stephen Avenue to take a stand for women and their children fleeing family violence. Kasian teamed up with Mulvey + Banani, Cana construction, Larkspur Consulting, Matco & M3 to raise over $18,000 in support of the YW.

Upon arriving at The Palace, our team had the opportunity to select their heel of choice from a table carrying a vast array of colors and sizes. Laughter, smiles and anticipation filled the room during some powerful and heartwarming speeches. Later, individuals were guided outside to strut their stuff at Olympic Plaza. Along the mile, laughter and cheers filled the air gaining attention of restaurants and pedestrians nearby. Upon arriving at the finish line, the top three fundraising teams were invited on stage to receive their award. Our team, “Heels for the Hub” received a third-place medal.

Our team not only had a fun filled day but helped thousands of families who seek the services and support of the YW family violence prevention programs.

A huge shout out goes to our participants:

Ashlee Jackins
Curtis Gebhart
Diane Sawa
Jacqueline Koong
Jay Boyce
Jeff Cotton
Meghan Larway
Michael McGie
Mitchell Brooks
Sydney Madi

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