March 11, 2020

Winners Announced for the NAIT Architectural Technology Student Design Competition

For Immediate Release

Hosted on February 6th, 2020, the 10th annual NAIT Architectural Technology Student Design Competition Awards reception recognized ten finalists among second-year architectural technology students who were tasked with designing an innovative and functional bank of the future. Kasian Edmonton’s Senior Associate, Jim Dobie, announced the winners of the Kasian Award for Design Innovation, while the finalists shared a total of $8,000 in prize money.

Students were commissioned to design a multi-storey building featuring an environmentally-sustainable ATB Financial branch on a portion of the main floor and a community support space of their choosing on the remaining floor plate. The specific zoning requirements were to be adhered to, which dictated the maximum height of the building. This year, the selected site was within the new Blatchford development, located west of the NAIT Main Campus in Edmonton. Designs were judged based on aesthetics, functionality, sustainability, corporate identity, and innovation/concept.

Both Jim Dobie and Principal Dean Benvenuto participated in the final round of judging. They were both amazed by the maturity and the resolution of the entries that were presented to them. “Kasian is honored to continue our support and participate in the judging of NAIT’s student designs for an ATB bank of the future,” remarked Jim. “Once again, the students impressed the panel of judges with the sophistication of their designs and their presentations. Our goal is to give the students both a great experience with the design challenge and an opportunity to present their concept in a real-world setting. Blatchford is the site of the former City Centre airport, and several of the designs paid tribute to Edmonton’s aviation heritage. All schemes brought forward a strong idea or concept that they carried through from the initial idea to the final renderings and floor plans presented.”

Kasian looks forward to welcoming these bright stars into our profession and witnessing how their talents will add depth to our design community.

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