August 10, 2020

Untethered From Place

Online Conversation Series Examines How Changing City Life Will Affect Us All
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One thing is for sure: the world has changed. COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges for people, their organizations, cities, and, in general, our way of life as we know it. What could be described as the world’s greatest, social experiment, the pandemic has fundamentally disrupted the way we will live, work, and interact from this day forward. What will be the long-term effects of untethering people from their everyday lives, their places of work, and habits?

Presented by the Institute for Lifescape by Kasian, in association with the Urban Land Institute, “Untethered from Place” is an online conversation series that seeks to explore the impact of this new world order on us and the opportunities it presents in moving forward. These webinars bring together global experts in architecture and design, city leaders, and members of the business community in discussions about how COVID-19 is changing city life. The series asks what the long-term effects will be of untethering people from their everyday lives and places. Conversations include changes in public and private sector partnerships, life at work, the influence of isolation, and the future of digital experiences.

“The COVID-19 crisis has changed how people are living, working, and moving around our cities,” comments Will Craig, Principal and Global Chair of the Lifescape team at Kasian,. “City officials, healthcare workers, and design experts are all considering what changes our cities need to adapt and thrive. Kasian’s Lifescape team focuses on the design and experience of ground-level environments. It’s important for us to have these conversations and work together, so people can feel safe and comfortable again in cities.”

We keep hearing the words, “the new normal”. How will this pandemic affect us and change the way we do things going forward? This series discusses the new ways we need to think about the return to place —from partnerships in business that foster transformational relationships across a wide range of stakeholders, to our work environments and creating safe, healthy spaces.

It is clear that the global pandemic brings new opportunities to drive home the importance of human connections within cities . Tune into ULI’s webinar recordings for free to discover how design changes in this new world can empower people and encourage community.

Access the online conversation series through this link.

Session 1: Catalytic Partnerships, the first topic on May 20, 2020, featuring moderator Will Craig, Calgary Principal and Global Chair, Kasian, and speakers Tom Murphy, Former Mayor of Pittsburgh, and Geoff Cape, CEO of Evergreen Brick Works. They discuss the changing landscape due to COVID-19 and how to accelerate innovation through public and private sector collaboration.

Session 2: Life at Work, features Adam Ballew, SVP, Spear Street Capital, and Kim Green, Principal, Interior Design, Kasian. In this half-hour session, they look at the importance social gatherings play in our work lives and what changes we might expect going forward.

Session 3: The Human Dimension, features Belinda Tato, Founding Partner, Ecosistema Urbano, and Judith MacDougall, Principal, Kasian. The conversation explores the value placed on physical experiences in our cities and whether the need for human connection will be enhanced, or diminished, in a post-pandemic world.

The final conversation of the series, Session 4: The Digital Paradigm, features Paul Doherty, President and CEO, The DigitGroup Inc., and Ken Bautista, Partner, Makespace Group Inc. They discuss to what extent the digital world can replace the physical world and how digital interfaces might coexist with real-world human experiences.

About Lifescape by Kasian

Created in 2018 by Kasian, Lifescape is a platform developed in response to a need to address the relationship between physical space and human experience. Lifescape creates texture—the software of place—which includes an emotional user interface component to invite in the human experience. It is an original way of curating holistic, ground-level experiences and adding value within.

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