March 3, 2015

National Music Centre construction update

660 News

Another month has flown by and February’s mild weather hasn’t caused any delays during the building of the National Music Centre near the East Village downtown.

The organization’s President and CEO Andrew Mosker told 660News, construction is half way complete and one particular instrument will soon be heading to its new home.

“We’re going to be moving in one of our first artifacts into the building in mid-March, so that we can start to build around this particular instrument and this particular artifact rather, that’s going to be housed permanently in the west block of the building just adjacent to the King Eddy, so some of the finishing elements are starting to take shape now,” he said.

Mosker went on to say in this year’s third and fourth quarter, we’ll start to see installations of some of the finishing work, including interactive displays.

The entire steel and concrete structure of the King Eddy reconstruction, which is part of the National Music Centre development overall, is completely finished and later in March you’ll be able to see its original brick facade being reassembled onto the exterior.

The scheduled opening for the National Music Centre on 9th Avenue and 4th Street, S.E. will be in spring of 2016