February 4, 2019

Lifescape Series #4: One Water Street – Where Public Life Meets Natural Beauty

For Immediate Release

The attractiveness of Kelowna is all thanks to its spectacular natural setting, a place known for mild weather, clear water, and world class wine and dine. So, when the developer team approached Kasian for the design vision of One Water Street, the response was simple: let’s create an experience which celebrates living in Kelowna’s beauty.

The approach had clear advantages for the development as a whole. With towers at 36 and 29 storeys, a break-away from traditional low-rise areas in Kelowna, additional height and density was permitted to accommodate the 426 condo units and over 30,000 sqft of programmed commercial space. The caveat for the City of Kelowna was that the ground plane be so compelling and masterfully conceived as to provide a public complement to those who could enjoy living in the beautiful surroundings. This is where Lifescape comes in.

To attract families and individuals at all stages in their lives to stay and live here, the personality of the place was paramount to the story-making and development of an identity for the place. The Lifescape approach imbued in One Water Street creates an openness and informal character, treating all the in-between spaces as places to enjoy, rest, and feel at home in the community.

As you move along a sculpted street frontage, pockets of strategically-sized space at the ground create a public edge, giving ample opportunity for spill-out patios and outdoor restaurant seating. To inform the leasing, every retail bay was curated based on its location and how it would contribute to the personality of place, ensuring the right mix of tenants. Large, pronounced retail bays enhance the pedestrian realm through the allure of window shopping, offering a tasteful setting for Okanagan’s local retailers and a seamless extension of Kelowna’s boardwalk. A chance encounter with an old friend on the sidewalk soon leads to conversations on the sun-soaked patio, where cold refreshments and curated food are served.

Just steps from the Okanagan Lake and at the heart of downtown Kelowna, One Water Street blends the beach lifestyle with a refined urban experience. Taking the natural vibrancy of the Okanagan and leveraging the site’s location, the two towers angle in plan to maximize views towards the lake and the bridge. Varyingly sized homes stagger skywards, prioritizing daylight, privacy, and supersized balconies. The everyday experience of residents is to feel part of an extended community, where common spaces are expansively programmed for outdoor living and entertaining.

Above the street level, views of the valley adorn the elevated outdoor recreational amenity area. Two outdoor swimming pools, a hot tub, a pickle ball court, a dog park, and areas for firepits and barbeques provide a communal setting that is inviting for all lifestyles. Entertaining guests, unwinding after work, or meeting with your neighbors becomes a memorable experience in the spectacular rooftop setting.

With ample opportunities to engage with neighbours and community members and be part of the activities around One Water Street, residents can come home to a neighbourhood that is safe and inviting, enjoy the warm breeze through the terrace, and leave the day’s worries behind. By tapping into Kelowna’s outdoor lifestyle and infusing it with elements of public life on the ground level, we create places for the residents and community to co-mingle with natural beauty as a backdrop.

It all starts with curating the experience.