September 4, 2018

LIFESCAPE by Kasian: The Software of Place

For Immediate Release

Wherever you go – just by walking, lingering, and thinking about what you see – your everyday experience can be elevated.

At Kasian, for over 30 years we have gainfully employed our passion and transformative thinking in achieving design excellence for each of our clients. This spark for turning the ordinary, everyday into extraordinary experiences will now be devoted to the furnishing of street level environments and to galvanizing the human experience.

Lifescape was created out of a need to address the gap between physical space and human experience. It is a new, integrated way of thinking about how we holistically curate our ground-level environments and connected spaces inside and out.

People live in crowded urban areas and work in large towers. Our cites have become denser and more urban as an influx of people are moving for work and to enjoy the vibrancy and diversity they offer. They spend a significant amount of time – if not, all their time – in places that serve their function, but rarely feel grounded in community.

We approach the design of our cities and communities differently.

We think about life in the in-between, in the places and spaces at the ground level.

We curate the whole pedestrian experience.

We explore what unites people and place, turning the landscape into a LIFESCAPE.

We create spaces that feel timeless, like they were always meant to be.

Now more than ever, the quality of our experiences is a differentiator. Through Lifescape, what emerges is a new approach that sees cities as platforms for human interaction and places that spur social activity.

Working from the ground up, we perceive a remarkable opportunity to uplift the human dimension. We look at the hardware and software of places, and everything in between. We are constantly exploring how every element at the ground level contributes to creating complete places and study people to garner a deep understanding of their multi-faceted experiences.

Starting September 25th, our Lifescape team will be leading a seven-part Lifescape Series that dovetails into our inventive, thought-provoking strategies, which we are implementing and collaborating on within our diverse networks. We encourage you to reach out and start a dialogue with our Lifescape team, to share ideas with one another and discuss how future cities and the human experience should be shaped.

Let’s get started.

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For more information on Lifescape or to discuss how this service offering can benefit your project, please contact:

Judith MacDougall, Principal
T 403.290.8829
C 403.629.7375

Will Craig, Senior Associate
T 403.290.8833
C 403.462.3656

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