May 4, 2016

Kasian wins two OMNIMAX Dome Theatres Projects!

For Immediate Release

Kasian has been awarded the renovation of two OMNIMAX Dome Theatres: one at the Liberty Science Centre in New Jersey, USA and the other at The Tech Innovation Museum in San Jose, USA. The first stage of the work, which will begin imminently, is to reimagine how these theatres may be reshaped in an immersive domed environment to accommodate an expanded program of offerings at the facilities.

Kasian will be working with New York-based HLW Architects and Jones Lang LaSalle on the project on the New Jersey facility. Local architects in San Jose will be selected soon.

Bill Chomik has put Kasian on the map as a “world-renowned planetarium expert”. Our immersive theatre experience utilizing state-of-the-art digital visualization technologies is unparalleled as we use Revit to visualize our Clients’ theatres in 3D, incorporate a host of projection systems from world suppliers, and test the design to ensure there are no projection line interferences.

Kasian, under Bill’s leadership, has worked on many digital visualization theatres including: York University Planetarium & Science Theatre, Guangdong Science Centre Planetarium (China)(image featured above), Eugenides Planetarium & Science Centre (Athens), Science North, Telus World of Science Digital Visualization Theatre, Shenzhen Children’s Palace Planetarium (China), Songam Space Centre Korea), McLaughlin Planetarium (Toronto), BC Science World and the University of Maine Emera Centre Planetarium.

Stay tuned as we reveal hints of Bill’s next adventure in Warsaw for the International Planetarium Society Conference in mid-June!