May 22, 2018

Kasian wins at the NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Awards

For Immediate Release

Last week, our Vancouver team attended the 2018 Commercial Real Estate Awards of Excellence Gala hosted by NAIOP. Presented in partnership with Business in Vancouver, these awards recognize excellence in commercial real estate projects within Metro Vancouver completed in the 2016 and 2017 calendar years. They also aim to distinguish the full range of disciplines involved in creating successful real estate solutions, while highlighting the leadership role played by property owners, developers, and professional advisers.

Our KPMG Offices project was selected as the winner of the Vancouver’s Best Tenant Improvement of the year award. The team – consisting of Kasian, Integral Group, MKT Development Group, Flow Consulting Group Inc., Engineering Harmonics Ltd., Applied Electronics, Jensen Hughes Consulting Canada, Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd., Reotech Construction Ltd. – worked on this exciting project. KPMG was interested in transitioning from a primarily enclosed work space to a more transparent environment through the use of smaller offices with glass fronts, open workstations and benching. Kasian’s design created an open environment that allowed for the penetration of natural light, fostered collaboration through more dedicated teaming spaces and maximized the use of KPMG’s current real estate. The renovation spanned across 10 floors and the associated interconnecting internal staircase. The total size was 160,000 square feet of space, housing nearly 1,000 KPMG staff. Our Vancouver team provided a detailed functional space program and full interior design services, including furniture, demountable walls, custom furniture and signage over a phased schedule spanning five years.

Congratulations to our Vancouver team members for all their hard work, dedication and contributions!

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For more information on the KPMG Offices Renovation, check out the project page here.

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