September 26, 2018

Kasian wins at the IDIBC Shine Awards

For Immediate Release

On Friday September 21, our Vancouver interior design team attended the IDIBC Awards Ceremony, a night where the design industry recognizes projects that showcase the talent, skills, and innovation of BC’s professional interior designers. Out of 32 award-winning projects, Kasian received two Awards of Merit under the Workplace category, one for KPMG LLP and one for the Metro Vancouver (MV) Headquarters. We are proud of our ongoing involvement in workplace transformations, engaging with clients to redefine what work means and to create places that inspire, encourage excellence, and attract talent. Having developed several million square feet of high performance office spaces, Kasian understands the importance of tomorrow’s workplace.

Congratulations to our Vancouver ID team members for all their hard work, dedication and contributions! The design team included:

  • Carol Jones (KPMG)
  • Sally Mills (MV)
  • Therese Ethier (KPMG)
  • Ken Bunn (KPMG)
  • Ricky Gruetz (KPMG)
  • Dana Graf (KPMG & MV)
  • Cara Seeton (MV)
  • Alica Majercinova (MV)
  • Judy Ting (MV)
  • Anabel Urbano (MV)
  • Robert Partridge (MV)
  • Fiona Rimmer (MV)

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For more information on the KPMG Offices Renovation, check out the project page here.

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